10 Mistakes Brides Make When Wedding Dress Shopping


By Nova Bella


1. Shopping without considering the wedding date

Experts advise that you choose your wedding dress not shortly before the wedding; Because you may want to make adjustments to it and this may take time.

And if you want to sew the dress instead of buying it, you should start the task 4 months before the wedding date at least.

Also, avoid buying the dress too early (8 months before, for example) because your body may change as the wedding date approaches.

2- Bringing an Entourage

While shopping for a wedding dress, the bride usually accompanies her family members and close friends.

Although it’s great to get comments from those close to you, there may sometimes be negative results.

Taking a lot of people while trying to choose your wedding dress will be very stressful and will cause you a lot of confusion because everyone will then try to help and offer a lot of opinions which will increase the tension and confusion of the bride.

So it’s best to take only two close relatives or friends to your purchase appointment and don’t forget that it’s important to choose a dress that you personally like and feel comfortable and special regardless of other people’s opinions.


3- Going without an appointment

The vast majority of bridal shops, especially large ones, require that the bride must make an appointment before the visit so that the bride can have enough time to try the various models in the shop, which will help her choose the wedding dress that suits her.

So, when you call for a reservation, don’t forget to specify how many people you’re going to take with you to your appointment at the store, and it’s best to tell them over the phone a quick idea of the wedding dress designs you want to try.


4- Purchasing due to steep discounts

Do not buy a wedding dress that you do not like very much just because there is a tempting discounts offer on the dress and choose the dress that you feel comfortable wearing at the wedding party, but if the dress is wonderful and you like it a lot and its price is not expensive compared to the high quality of the fabric and hand embroidery, this is a great additional feature and there is nothing wrong with buying it.

5- Stick to one style

Many brides make the pre-decision on what the perfect wedding dress design will look like for them, and start looking for this design only, which is wrong, because what’s on your mind doesn’t have to be perfect, be more open about it, and listen to the wedding dresses expert in the store from which you’ll buy your dress. The right design cannot be determined once you see it hanging in front of you, but you should try it, and make sure whether it conceals or highlights the flaws of your body, and then you can select the right design.


6- Trying on dresses you can’t afford

It is easy to forget the specific budget that you set for your wedding dress when you try to wear gorgeous dresses, make sure to avoid that mistake and tell the wedding dresses expert in the store about your budget so that you choose the dresses that fall within your budget before you start trying it so that you do not fall in love with a dress You can’t afford to buy it and you end up feeling disappointed when you have to choose another wedding dress.


7- Forget about bringing your wedding shoes

The bride’s lesser-known mistake is not bringing wedding shoes with her while shopping.

You need to bring the shoes you want to wear on your wedding day or at least shoes similar to it to see how it fits with the dress you’ll choose.

8-Try wearing a lot of wedding dresses

Doing so is likely to lead to more confusion than certainty because you’ll be lost in dozens of options and forget what you were looking for at first.

It is therefore advisable to try some styles and when you find the right one for you, and once you fall in love with that wedding dress, don’t hesitate to buy it before you start to doubt yourself.



9- Not considering the venue and timing of the wedding

All weddings are unique and different, so they are not the same wedding at night as they are by day or in summer as they are in winter.

You should also adapt your wedding dress to the style of the wedding you want to have, you don’t want to wear a dress that looks invisible in the lights of the dance floor or a dress that is not suitable for a wedding party by the sea. It is important to consider the characteristics of your wedding when choosing a dress so that it is perfectly in line with the atmosphere and beauty of the occasion.


10- Buying a Dress You Don’t Love

The biggest mistake a bride can make is to be influenced by the opinion of those who accompany her when buying a wedding dress, even if she doesn’t like the dress and doesn’t fall in love with the dress.

Therefore, the bride should take people who she trusts their taste, whether your mother, your sister or your friend. But more importantly, you have to choose the wedding dress that your heart says yes to it, and if there’s any doubt about your choice, it’s okay to consult them to make sure about your decision.

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