10 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Dress

By Nova Bella

1- Choose the right size

When you start the search for your wedding dress, you should choose the right size for you at the moment, do not choose a dress smaller than your size in the hope that you will lose weight by the day of the wedding.

2- Focus on fit, not only size

Wedding dresses generally should show the bride in the best shape, so first define your body shape and then choose a dress that hides your body’s flaws and shows you the best look. For example, if you’re plus-size, choose a tight waist-wide dress from the bottom and if you’re skinny, stay away from models that show your thinness. and you can choose ruffle cuts or layers to make you look more full.


3- Location, Location, Location

Determine the style of the wedding dress according to the location of the wedding, for example, weddings that take place on the beach or in an open space are suitable for casual or light dresses, while classic indoor weddings need different dresses like ball gown.


4- Keep your hairstyle and accessories in mind

Choosing the shape of the dress, especially the top and back, should be based on the shape of the hairstyle and accessories you will wear, so you have to select these things before or during buying the dress.


5- Suitable for the tone of your skin

Have you ever thought about this? It is true that white is the official color of wedding dresses but there are a lot of grades such as white offs and light beige that suits the brunette bride and there are light white grades that suit the white bride. The perfect dress will fit your body and style, and the perfect color will make your skin glow and complete the picture.

6- Be open

Don’t stick to one idea like hanging on to a particular style or fabric, try a lot of wedding dresses So maybe you’ll find what suits you in those multiple options.

7- Appropriate timing

Don’t start your wedding dress search long before the ceremony and at the same time don’t wait for the last minute. As it is important to keep in mind the possibility of gaining weight or losing weight, as the dress may need longer to prepare if it is a fully hand embroidery design.


8- Pay attention to the wedding veil

A wedding veil is an essential accessory for a wedding dress, so its length and shape must be appropriate for the length and style of the dress.


9- Take your wedding shoes with you

It’s best to take the shoes you’ll wear on your wedding day when you buy the dress so the picture is clear to you in terms of the length of the dress and heels.


10- Who will accompany you when going to buy the dress? 

It’s best to choose two or three people close to you to take their opinion, but do not take many people with you, so that you will not be confused by the diversity of opinions, and don’t forget to consult the Bridal Stylist at the wedding dresses shop, there may be some details you may not notice. but at the end of the day, choose what you’re convinced of, it’s your big day so wear what makes your soul shine.

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