20 Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Most times, planning a wedding can feel overwhelming. While some couples  hire a professional wedding planner, others take on most responsibilities independently to have the perfect wedding day. Bridal flowers are one of the most valuable items the bride thinks of before walking down the aisle.

There are several different options depending on what kind of wedding you would want to have; it all depends on your personality and personal preference. We have gathered 20 bridal bouquets ideas to help you choose the perfect bouquet for you and your bridesmaids. Keep reading and be prepared to swoon!


Unique Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Bejeweled Bouquets

This type of bouquets are  an ideal vintage alternative; its unique idea is to add some jewelry to the flowers. It’s combined with antiques, jewels, and personal pieces, making it very classy.

Presentation Bouquets

These are mostly used in pageant competitions. The presentation bouquet  features elegant blooms that produce an  incredible look. Calla lilies, roses, sweet peas, and a diversity of tropical flowers are typically used for this bouquet.

Wedding Bouquet Style

Succulent Bouquets

These are a wonderful choice for traditional weddings since they last longer than the usual bouquet and afterwards can be gifted,  reused as home decor, or even planted in your garden. They are normally more expensive than other wedding bouquet ideas.

Crescent Bouquets

A crescent moon-shaped flower style with a wide variety of blooms normally used in rustic or traditional weddings. Bold blooms are placed in the center, whereas tapered greenery is placed around the bouquet to shape the narrow edges.

Nosegay Bouquets

Nosegays are similar to posy bouquets; this type of bouquet emphasizes more on greenery rather than flowers–though popular blooms include orchids, lilies, or roses. They may also work well for flower girls.



Tropical Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Fan Bouquets

These are perfect for Asian themes and vintage weddings. There are two types; some are placed outwardly, and others in a container that looks similar to two Japanese fans put side-by-side.

Small Bridal Bouquet Ideas

Posy Bouquets

They are mostly featured with blooms; it’s the popular and classic option for brides. These flowers are often wrapped with ribbon to create a unique style. Consider roses, ranunculus flowers, peonies and tulips!

Basket Bouquets

As the name indicates, basket bouquets refer to a bundle of flowers arranged in a basket. They are the perfect alternative for garden marriages. These are ideal for flower girls.

Brides Flower Bouquet Ideas

Cascade Bouquets

This bouquet is so dramatic, looking like an outpouring of flowers. They are a wonderful option; Please make sure to keep your bridal gown and other accessories simple if you would want this type of bridal flower.

Elegant Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Feather Bouquets

This elegant flower option can be easily made if you have a little DIY skill. Including feathers in your blooms gives it a high-quality look. Depending on the type of feather used, it might help to reinforce a neutral color.

Tussy Mussy Bouquets

These are suitable for being on flower stands while also providing a better grip for the bride, flower girls, or bridesmaids. Its name is just another term for a nosegay bouquet in a special cone-shaped vase.



Wedding Flower Bouquets Ideas

Hoop Flowers

These flowers have taken the wedding industry by storm. We completely love the idea of including details in the blooms. This takes a bit from the old ideas, mixes them with the new, and can be customized to suit your preferences.

Wedding Bouquet Ideas For Summer

Composite Bouquets

These gorgeous summer flowers are also known as glamelia. Composite bouquets are made of unique petals, which are removed from their original flowers and then wired together into a single large flower. They are perfect for a bride desiring a little bit of drama.

Wedding Bouquet Ribbon Ideas

Pomander Bouquets

These ribbon flower options are perfectly arranged in  spherical bouquets. They are well-suited for flower girls since they are easily held in one hand or by little hands.

Flowers for Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Biedermeier Bouquets

These blooms are arranged in concentric shapes.  A Biedermeier bouquet is the perfect option for a bride who wants perfection on her big day.  This bouquet type is made of various types of blooms and is arranged in such a way that they form rings of many colors.

Wedding Bouquet Ideas for Winter

Round Bouquets

Posy bouquets, also known as round bouquets, are an excellent choice for the winter season. This type of flower is one of the most commonly used flower arrangement styles. They come in different color combinations, sizes and shapes.

Wedding Flower Ideas for June

Hand-Tied Bouquets

These are perfect for bohemian or rustic weddings and the month of June; a hand-tied bouquet is just what the name indicates – a bunch of blooms tied using any suitable material such as a string or ribbon.

Wedding Flower Ideas for Spring

Single Stem Bouquets

Spring is great for blooms such as peonies, roses, and hydrangea, which are normally used in single stem bouquets. The bride can hold them and get her moment in the spotlight with an elegant and classy look or give them to the bridesmaids to make sure the bride remains the center of attention.

Wedding Flower Ideas for October

Shower Bouquets

These flowers became popular the day Princess Diana held them for her wedding. The upside-down bouquet weighed 2 kg and was made of orchids, gardenias, roses, stephanotis, hydrangeas, and many more. The shower bouquet is often used in October.

Wedding Bouquet Ideas For Fall

Sunflower Bouquets

These flowers  are frequently used for traditional marriages. Sunflowers are a common choice for late summer and fall marriages. Depending on where you reside, sunflowers bloom anytime between summer and fall (July till October). Their colors vary from a pale orange, cream, rust, bright yellow, burgundy, and even brown.



Final Thoughts

These are the 20 wedding bouquet ideas we wanted to share with you, and we hope you will make a great choice according to your wedding theme. Having several alternative bouquets ready can be an easy and reasonable way to save money and discover your inner skills.


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