25 Wedding Day Hairstyles for The Bride

We understand the excitement to look perfect on your big day. Choosing the right wedding day hair is as crucial as finding the bridal gown. The journey of searching for the right hairstyle that will go along with the shape of your face is not as easy. The nicest thing about bridal hairstyles is that there are several alternatives out there. However, that can mean that the bride will have many ideas to choose from. We’ve compiled 25 breathtaking wedding day hairstyles that you’ll want to consider. Sit back and get ready to be amazed!


Timeless Bridal Hairstyles Ideas

Nowadays, as long as your hair is healthy, it’s possible to do any hairstyle. Check out these 25 amazing bridal hairstyles.

Finger Wave

If your bridal gown is vintage-inspired, this has to be your go-to hairstyle. This is one of the wedding day bride hairstyles that will make you look glamorous.

Braided Halo

This is one of the romantic and effortless wedding hairstyles with braids. It will make you look elegant; all eyes will be on you.

Side Braid

This is one of the effortless wedding day bride hairstyles; it’s an absolute must for unexpected climate changes. It looks best in a relaxed, messy, or loose way.


It polishes and adds sophistication to the hairstyle. This is one of the formal wedding hairstyles 2022. It started trending in the ’90s and is still one of any bride’s best choices.

Golden Age Waves

This is one of the wedding day bride hairstyles flattering on all face shapes, and it can never go out of style. It’s also recognized as the vintage hair-down look.

French Twist

French twist is part of the formal wedding hairstyles 2022. It’s elegant and sophisticated; it’s ideal for brides who want a traditional wedding look.

Ballerina Bun

This style is sophisticated; it will suit brides with high cheekbones and oval face shapes. Therefore wedding day hair and makeup must be on point.


For several reasons, this is one of the wedding day hairstyles for the bride thats been seen at several recent bridal fashion weeks. Style this hairdo by adding a flower crown or tiara.


One of the wedding day bride hairstyles where you can add details such as; flowers, hair clips, or even a braid. If you wish to look like a fairytale goddess, this hairdo will be perfect for you.

Pixie Cut

This hairdo falls into our wedding hairstyles 2022 because short hair looks incredible when accessorised with flowers and headbands, but modifying the texture can give you an entirely new feel.


You might already be aware of this wedding day hairstyles for the bride; it can be taken to the next level on any special occasion by adding a few elegant and chic details.

Tousled Short Hair

Wedding day hairstyles for the bride such as this are suitable for a bride with short hair. It will give it a bedhead finish by adding relaxed waves and sliding your hair to one section.

Half Up Half Down

This hairstyle will show more of your face and give you a feminine and romantic finish. Wedding day hair up or down shows your natural hair volume and length with a smooth and wavy texture.

Glass Bob

You may understand all about glass skin; how about glass hair? Wedding day hairstyles for short hair are taken on a new level by adding a serum to get a high shine texture.

Loose Waves

This style is ideal for brides preparing to have a beach wedding. Wedding day hair and makeup add more beauty to the bride’s attire.

Low Bun

A low bun’s elegance makes it perfect for brides who want a trendy hairstyle. Pearls are usually used as styling details for this look. The wedding day hair and makeup timeline take up to 90 minutes for the bride.

Fishtail Braids

These wedding hairstyles with braids are the most common choices for brides; we guess because they’re classic and simple to make. A braid can be paired with styling accessories, flowers, or silk ribbons.

Pancake Braids

Did you know that wedding hairstyles with braids don’t have to be polished to perfection? Pancake braids are ideal for styling the braid a little looser. This boho style braid is usually paired with hair accessories like pins and clips.

Long Braids

Do you have thick hair? Wedding day hairstyles for long hair will be great for you, but note that hairpieces will be added to your hair for this hairdo. Make sure you take hair vitamins so your hair doesn’t break.

Natural Curls

Is your hair naturally curly? This is the ideal time to let it loose but make sure it remains moisturized. One of the most popular styling options is wedding day hair up or down.

Half Braids

Suppose you don’t have ultra-long hair; you could consider this look by creating two-strand braids from your temples. Wedding hairstyles with braids can be paired with hair accessories from the top section of your braid.

Side Part

Parting your hair can give you a completely different look. This is one of the wedding hairstyles 2022 that illuminates the cheekbones and eyes and is flattering on different complexions and face shapes.

Air-Dried Curls

If you have healthy natural curls, you might want to opt for this wedding day hairstyles for long hair. Part your hair in the middle and air dry, then wear them loose and add pearls for more glamour.

Side-Swept Straight Hair

Do you love straight hair? Consider parting it in the middle then adding hair products to shine more. On this wedding day hair and makeup will make you look angelic and elegant.

Sleek Side Knotted Bun

One of the wedding hairstyles 2022 seen on celebrities on the red carpet, knotted buns can effortlessly make your bridal hairstyle glamorous.


Which Hairstyle Is Best for Weddings?

Just like wedding dresses, the option for hairstyles is seemingly endless. Those with long hair can go for loose braids or thick curls, those with medium hair can go for updos and those with short hair can pin back on the side and accessorise it. The low chignon has remained a classic over the years and is perfect for brides looking to spice up their current updo with sophistication and class. Over the shoulder, loose curls can give a whimsical look while also showing off your glamorous earrings. For a modern and elegant style, brides can also opt for a sleek ponytail paired with statement earrings.


How Do Brides Style Their Hair?

The styling part depends on the hairstyle chosen and can be paired with flowers, pins, tiaras, headbands, or pearls. Accessories are great for brides looking to spice up their look with a little something extra. Hair accessories aren’t just for soft curls or low buns but are also a great option to dress up and enhance textured hair.


How Should I Do My Hair on My Wedding Day?

This is a question millions of brides struggle with leading up to their special day. Should you wear your hair up or down? Curly or straight? Your hair will depend on the type of dress you’re wearing, style, and personality. If it’s a strapless dress, you can opt for half-up, half-down, or hair down. If you’re wearing a ballgown it’s best to opt for an updo. Simple dress designs look great paired with loose flowing waves or curls. You should also think about the neckline of your dress as a high neckline is usually paired with an updo and a low neckline with loose curls or glam waves. Your style and preference are also key factors when choosing a hairstyle, so don’t forget to ask yourself what you would feel comfortable wearing on your special day.

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