Welcome to a fun adventure in fashion, art and creativity. Yes, it is very brave for some. We will be happy to share with you the artistic, creative process of the design of a dress from beginning to end!

We offer a nice experience to our customers in our personalized design processes. We invite you to our showrooms to get to know each other during our first meeting. We can also get this first call via phone, e-mail, or online video chat. You can show the photos of the wedding dresses we made and you can even see a dress that is under construction.

We will ask and answer all the first questions of each other, and hopefully we will match the perfect bride / tailor. If we are a good match, then we will establish a design consultancy. It’s a fun and enjoyable process! We review all your ideas for your wedding dress and create a perfect design for you. We will also consider your body type, fabric choices and more. Some brides have a very special idea in mind, and others have an idea for a corsage or skirt, but they can’t understand the rest. Some brides can even bring photographs of their favorite clothes, or even pieces of fabric. Some brides take inspiration from the fantastic wedding dresses they see in movies. Fabric and ornament options as well.

Once your design is finalized, we will make your measurements. This is an attempt to study design details and create a perfect fit before removing the dress from the actual fabric. This is particularly important when working with expensive fabrics. If your dress has handmade details – these samples will be created to confirm the work of silk flowers, lace, beaded fringe or bead. Your dress will be cut from the fabric of your choice and sewed using fine sewing and haute couture techniques. All handmade details will be created. This may require more connections to ensure perfect fit. Your dress is ready for you after you have approved both the length and all the details!

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