What Kind of Wedding Dress Should I Have?

Apart from the fact weddings are a celebration of the love of two souls uniting together for eternity. The choice of a wedding dress is very important, and it is a key element to a successful wedding.

Indeed, a wedding dress is worn once in a lifetime, making the stakes high to ensure that you make the right choice, which suits your style and body shape.


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Why Are Wedding Dresses White?

There is a joke “why wedding dresses are white” that I recently heard.

A little boy was attending a wedding with his mother.

He asked, “Mother, why do brides wear white dresses at their weddings?

The mother responded, “Because it is the happiest day of their lives.

The little boy, again: “Then how come the groom is wearing black?


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What to Wear Under Wedding Dress

Now that you have conquered the task of choosing your wedding dress, you have to think about how it will fit appropriately on your body. There are a variety of undergarments available that cater to all shapes, sizes, and wedding dress styles. 

An important point to consider is being comfortable with the undergarments you choose. You will be wearing them throughout the ceremony, the reception, the dancing, and the photoshoot session.


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10 Mistakes Brides Make When Wedding Dress Shopping


By Nova Bella


1. Shopping without considering the wedding date

Experts advise that you choose your wedding dress not shortly before the wedding; Because you may want to make adjustments to it and this may take time.

And if you want to sew the dress instead of buying it, you should start the task 4 months before the wedding date at least.

Also, avoid buying the dress too early (8 months before, for example) because your body may change as the wedding date approaches.

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10 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Dress


By Nova Bella


1- Choose the right size

When you start the search for your wedding dress, you should choose the right size for you at the moment, do not choose a dress smaller than your size in the hope that you will lose weight by the day of the wedding.

2- Focus on fit, not only size

Wedding dresses generally should show the bride in the best shape, so first define your body shape and then choose a dress that hides your body’s flaws and shows you the best look. For example, if you’re plus-size, choose a tight waist-wide dress from the bottom and if you’re skinny, stay away from models that show your thinness. and you can choose ruffle cuts or layers to make you look more full.

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