The mermaid style wedding that integrated a ocean legend, a nixe appearance. So it is a suitable name for these dresses. The mermaid models that starting from the back and then squeezing towards the waist, widening the body and spreading out from under the knee, are one of the most brilliant models with the clearest lines because they reveal and emphasize body curves, but they are incredibly versatile and blend perfectly with any wedding theme you have in mind . With a breathtaking look it gives you the chance to feel unique. Depending on your wishes, you can add different lace and embroideries to models that reflect both modern and vintage . In addition to the skirts that are added to the fish wedding gowns, will come from the models that we have come across quite a bit in this year.

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Wedding Day is one of the most important days of a woman’s life because she and her soulmate come together. If the special day is special to both men and women, let’s confess that preparations for women are a complex process requiring more attention. After all, it is not easy; hair, makeup, wedding outfit and jewelery …

Among these important preparations is the bride’s hair, if anything as important as the wedding dress. Because the hair style will bring out the beauty of the wedding dress and the bride. For this reason, as the wedding season approaches, you can find a team recommendation about our most preferred bridal hair models for 2018. You will see most of these hair models this summer.

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You want to look absolutely breathtaking on your wedding day, so it is very important to choose the right wedding dress. Whether you are wearing a traditional white dress or a classic style, there is a suitable wedding dress for you. Many women feel strangled on the internet pages in order to choose the dress of their dreams. With so many styles and prices, it may seem hard to find this perfect dress for you. Just as with many things for your wedding, choosing the right suit requires careful planning, individual enjoyment, self-correctness, and patience when looking for this particular shiny dress. First of all you should do a survey to find out what kind of dress you want. Your closest friends, sisters or mothers … There is an idea for the women of your surroundings to keep you in constant care. It is important to be open-minded in this process when you do not know which one of your dream clothes will be. Another important issue is to be at peace with your body measurements. Choosing appropriate models for your body form will make you feel comfortable and more confident on this important day. Therefore, it is a good idea to try out a pattern from all segments.

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Finding the right dress for many brides is the most exciting part of wedding planning. But it does not mean that you are ready, without any preparation process, to be willing to start shopping and imagine your perfect outfit! We will give you the best tips to make everything as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


Did you first determine a price range?

Are you sure when and where to start your search?

Have you done too much research?

Do you know who you will go with?

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A fun, formal or romantic wedding, no matter, bohemian style wedding dresses are everywhere in this year. This style is quite complementary for bright who fluent and free spirit. A lot wedding dress models are still very stylish and beautiful, while bohemian ones are so comfortable, effortless and timeless. It does not seem to lose its popularity in a few years.

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