More than any other element of the wedding dress, the bridal train has the ability to transform. This elongated back portion of the gown lays on the floor and trails out behind you as you walk, creating a majestic appearance. Of course, the longer the train, the more dramatic the effect. Here are the types of trains, from shortest to longest, you’ll come across when dress shopping and the ways you can bustle them post ceremony.


This is the most popular choice for brides who want a formal yet unfussy train. It usually extends 1 to 15 meters from the waist.



A long and very formal train, it falls about 2 to 2.25 meters from the waist.



A narrow train extending about 1 meter from the waist. Due to its length, this train is more suitable for an indoor wedding.



The shortest option that flares out from a fitted skirt and trails less than a meter behind the wearer.


Draping down from the shoulders to the hem of the dress, this is dramatic train has a somewhat Grecian feel.


The hassle-free option for minimalist brides. It has the same length as a fishtail but trails.

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