The favorite color of the feminine and romantic brides is the most wonderful alternative to shy pink nude shoes. From dream to color, from pastel to salmon breeze, this dreamy color will complement your dream wedding with enthusiasm. 3d flowers that our accessories also spread to the bride’s shoes.

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Nova Bella designs merge with silhouettes and create the perfect landscape for every occasion; Through years in the fashion sophistication world, we have acquired the ideal artistic outlook dresses. We have become the fabulous allied brand extending the glamor you deserve because by sharing a common goal: to make every moment the perfect instance to wear stunning gowns.

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More than any other element of the wedding dress, the bridal train has the ability to transform. This elongated back portion of the gown lays on the floor and trails out behind you as you walk, creating a majestic appearance. Of course, the longer the train, the more dramatic the effect. Here are the types of trains, from shortest to longest, you’ll come across when dress shopping and the ways you can bustle them post ceremony.

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Welcome to a fun adventure in fashion, art and creativity. Yes, it is very brave for some. We will be happy to share with you the artistic, creative process of the design of a dress from beginning to end!

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We can SAY HELLO! the beautiful, rich and colorful tones of autumn when we leave the summer weddings .For many couples, it is the perfect time of the year to get married in the fall. Nature is a great source of inspiration for those who really do. There are many ways to embrace the autumn and create something beautiful for your wedding!

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Do we need great skirts and pilgrims to be a perfect and marvelous bride? The elegant look and minimalist lines make a simple bridal dress a nice choice for brides looking for a classic, versatile and striking look for a big day. And the variety of styles and aesthetics available for modern brides and plain wedding dresses complement each bride’s image. If the matter is a wedding dress, the options available are unlimited. And every seasonal new trends, brides want to choose the perfect one. Nevertheless, a simple but classic wedding dress, which may be out of style, is always attractive.

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