Custom Wedding Dress

Custom Wedding Dress

The wedding day is one of the most important days in a couple’s life. They consider thousands of questions about how it should be months before the big day. Every detail is addressed, including the location of the ceremony, the music to be played, who will be invited or not, and the cuisine to be served. But first and foremost, the bride-to-be has only one thought. It’s also a bridal gown

What is a Custom Made Bridal Dress?

Brides-to-be have a specific bridal gown in mind before settling on other aspects of the wedding day. However, since every bride-to-be wants her wedding to be a once-in-a-lifetime event, she cannot know exactly how she wants her wedding gown to look in her head. Which fabric should be used, how should the wedding gown’s neckline be designed, and should the wedding gown’s cut be A-line or mermaid style? A custom made wedding dress is one of the best solutions for brides who have not yet decided on their wedding gown. A custom wedding dress is one that is built to order and is essentially a one-of-a-kind gown that is crafted from the bottom up.


Customize Your Wedding Dress

Every future bride dreams about the wedding gown she wishes to wear. She can spend months thinking about if it will suit her body form, how it will look on her skin color, and whether her color will be the correct hue for her while thinking about the wedding dress she fantasized about.

Costume Made Wedding Dress
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Brides-to-be can contact us with the silhouette of their dream wedding dress while the rest of the wedding preparations are underway. After contacting us, a meeting is scheduled so that we can hear about the bride’s dream wedding gown and discuss the wedding dress that will be custom-made for her. When a bride-to-be wants to know about the possibility of designing her own wedding gown, one of our expert stylists meets with her to go over all of her ideas and details for the custom bridal gown, including the neckline cut, color, and wedding dress style, as well as choosing the lace or drawing a special design if the custom wedding dress will be made of hand embroidery with crystals.

After discussing all of the details of the bridal gown, a sketch drawing of the bride-to-dream be’s wedding gown is created in this session. Alternative models are shown to the bride-to-be until she makes her final decision, in addition to the wedding dress, which is her main request by our custom wedding dress designers


How Much Does a Custom Design Wedding Dress Cost?

While the bride-to-be is imagining about wearing her dream wedding gown and marrying with that dress on the most important day of her life, she may also wonder about the following question – “how much is a custom wedding dress?”

This question, unfortunately, has no clear answer. Because each bride’s ideal wedding gown is unique. This is determined by the preferred fabric, desired lace, desired color, and any other requests. During the sessions we will conduct while designing a personalized wedding dress, it is our first duty to understand the wishes of the bride-to-be and to produce the wedding dress she desires. In terms of the price of a custom wedding gown, we ask all bride-to-be candidates to begin the process by contacting us about the wedding dress they wish to wear.

How To Get a Custom Wedding Dress Made?

One of the most important aspects of the wedding planning process is ensuring that the bride’s dream wedding gown is custom tailored. This process is made easier by working with our expert designers to make a custom wedding dress


After all of the final details of the custom wedding design have been decided, the design is delivered to the atelier, where the real magic happens. This journey begins in the atelier and continues through several rehearsals and assemblies for the bride-to-unique be’s wedding gown. The wedding gown is given to the bride-to-be on time and in excellent condition from the day it is agreed how the bridal gown should be.


Bride-to-be; she happily reaches her custom wedding dress after the last rehearsal, which was specially designed for her and created from her own dreams.


If you’re looking for the wedding dress of your dreams but don’t know where to start, contact Nova Bella Bridal! We create unique custom gowns for you to create your dream wedding gown and make your most memorable day unforgettable.

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