I’m sure you’ve heard something about fashion or what you get in the fashion world, you hear haute couture. Although not more common, haute couture only causes a ton of confusion or misuse of the term. Now it’s time to clean up the mess!

What does Haute couture mean?

Many people believe in the common misconception that haute couture only means that a garment is handmade. Although this is somewhat correct, it is a very vague, easy-to-understand definition of the word. After all, you can create a weft and say haute couture according to this definition, which is definitely not. By definition, haute couture, alıcı hand-to-end, high-quality, expensive, often made of unusual fabric and elaborately sewn into details and often means time-consuming, the most experienced and skilled olarak.

There is much more than hand made, and these other details add prestige to the products that are considered haute couture in the eyes of fashion lovers. Usually means haute couture clothing; However, haute couture may actually mean fashion designers or fashion houses that create looks.

Who is designing haute couture?

The list of designers and fashion houses creating such elegant outfits is not so easy to start producing a very haute couture series that is very time-consuming and expensive.

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