Mermaid Wedding Dress

A bride’s choice of wedding dress style depends on what look she is aiming for. Wedding dress styles have come a long way from just having the ball gown or sheath wedding dress as choices for your special day.

Weddings these days tend to have themes that dictate every other aspect of the event, such as the decor, the menu, and the atmosphere portrayed throughout. The location also plays a major role in picking the dress style as you can’t wear a ball gown wedding dress when your wedding is on the beach; you would have dirtied the hem of the dress even before arriving in front of the altar because of the sand.

Some brides like to be a bit more adventurous. Still, having the appropriate dress for the proper location matters because you might be uncomfortable and show proof of a lack of taste when it comes to such an important detail.

Among the many dresses that exist, the mermaid wedding dress style has to be the most figure-hugging style, alongside the trumpet style. The mermaid dress is simple to detect because of its silhouette that resembles a mermaid’s tail.

The mermaid-cut wedding dress contours your bust, waist, and hips, then flares out into a skirt that is not as wide as an A-line or ball gown wedding dress but is wide enough to be noticeable.

Like many wedding dresses, the mermaid style comes in many variations, such as an off-shoulder mermaid wedding dress, a full sleeve mermaid wedding dress, a strapless mermaid wedding dress, or no sleeves. The choice of fabrics and necklines are also not limited. At Nova Bella Bridal you have a selection of lace mermaid wedding dresses, mermaid wedding dresses with bling or white mermaid wedding dresses. It’s up to you to choose based on your tastes with this wedding dress style.

Not all wedding dress styles complement every figure, so you have to be wise and get the expert advice needed to make the right choice for your shape. We do not wish any bride to look silly on this special occasion.

The body shapes best suited for this dress style are the hourglass or muscular frame. Brides with an inverted triangle figure (with more shoulders than hips) can also try this style, as can brides with a rectangular frame (whose shoulders, hips, and waist have the width).

The advantage of this simple mermaid wedding dress is that it is lightweight and easy to move around in, especially if you are having a beach or an outdoor wedding. But this shouldn’t stop you from wearing it in a classier setting. You can wear the mermaid-style wedding dress for the ceremony and evening reception.

Although this dress can flatter your figure beautifully, you have to know your measurements for it to fit perfectly. At Nova Bella Bridal, we have a wide collection of mermaid dresses as we have on A-line wedding dresses that you can choose from and that we can alter to your body size. But if you’re feeling adventurous, we can help you create whatever custom wedding dress you have in mind.

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