Wedding Dress

Weddings are special occasions that mark the history of someones life forever. Its a new chapter added to your story, and a long-awaited dream finally becomes a beautiful reality.

Having all eyes on you for a whole day, the shows main star, which is edited, produced, and directed by you and only you.

Many elements make up an amazing wedding, and you want to make it memorable for you and your guests. The important thing is that your needs and desires for this day are met accordingly.

Apart from the decor, the venue, the menu, and everything else that makes a wedding, the essential piece that gives your day its unique specialty is undoubtedly the dress.

The wedding dress that you or your partner choose is the icing on the cake to months of hectic planning.

When Kate Middleton was to wed soon, nobody cared about other details such as venue or decor … the first thing on everybodys mind was the dress!

When she slowly stepped out of that car to reveal her dress, it was like the whole world sighed a sigh of sheer approval and admiration.

When you think about it, your entourage has big expectations of what you choose.

But this day is about you, and I believe you will seek the opinion of those select few who know you best and especially that of your partner if he will be helping you choose.

At Nova Bella Bridal, we strive to please and give you exactly what you want for your special day. We want your wedding guests to sigh in utter admiration once they get their first glimpse of you walking down the aisle. Yes, you can have that effect on them!

When choosing a dress, you want the approval of your peers, but you also need an expert by your side to guide you into realizing your vision. At Nova Bella, we give you our expert advice and knowledge that we have accumulated over the years, so you dont just make the right choice, but the best choice.

Our boutiques include impressive and beautiful designs crafted by the most skilled hands as we give attention to detail. We construct our creations from the finest materials; you will love the refined embroidered laces we use with precious stones that include Swarovski crystals on some of our designs. You are also free to visit us if you want your dress custom made; we will help you from conceptualizing to realizing it.

The collections like A Line Wedding Dress, Ball Gown dresses we have, answer to many genres as we keep in touch with fashion trends but with a touch of uniqueness thanks to our creative designers.

The Sirius collection holds a series of ball gown wedding dresses for brides aiming to have a Cinderella wedding dress. These dresses are beaded with precious stones that bring out the intricate designs on the fabric, which is a testament to our superb craftsmanship. For our conservative brides, you can go for the long sleeve wedding dresses.

The Sultan Elegance collection includes a variety of wedding dress types that still have the Nova Bellas signature of elegance felt over each style. This range is more haute couture than the others as they have an edgy side too.

The La Mare collection is more on the simpler side for the bride who still wants to be a show-stepper but with less hassle. You will probably find the perfect A-line wedding dress here.

The 2020 collection will most likely attract those who want flair and the luxury of a princess wedding dress. Some of these dresses in this range are more ethereal than the previous collections but are still exquisitely designed. You will find most are off-shoulder and corset wedding dresses.

Products of Ball Gown wedding dresses and Mermaid Wedding dresses with their different styles and models will enchant you. Or you can see our Custom Wedding Dress category for designing your own wedding gown.

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