That’s the time of year again!

If you are trying to find a perfect wedding planner right now, you should definitely read our post. We all start by doing some research on the internet. Then we start to make some phone calls. Then what ? Follow the rest of the steps in the following list all together!

Before communicating with a wedding planner, you should know:

How many people do you want to invite?

What is your preferred wedding date / time of year?

How much is your budget?

What can you ask for your budget and how long it will take to plan?

NOTE, many wedding venues have “wedding planners”. Be sure to offer exactly what you are offering. The location coordinators usually bring the problems to a head and give a list of the vendors they work with so it can be useful to have an independent planner. Throughout the conversations you have with these people, we have the things you need to get information for you!

You will spend a lot of time with these people, so this is important! Now, let’s start with the questions …

Do you have another wedding on the same weekend or week?

Which was the toughest wedding you were planning, and how did you deal with the problems that arise?

Can you tell us about events or wedding planning?

How many wedding plans are you planning?

Do you limit how many customers you get?

Have you ever worked at our place?

What are you doing about weather changes?

Are you going to be there on your wedding day?

Do you provide a timetable for wedding day and floor plan?

Are you going to present a document on how the money was allocated?

What is your refund or cancellation policy?

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