What to Wear Under Wedding Dress

Now that you have conquered the task of choosing your wedding dress, you have to think about how it will fit appropriately on your body. There are a variety of undergarments available that cater to all shapes, sizes, and wedding dress styles. 

An important point to consider is being comfortable with the undergarments you choose. You will be wearing them throughout the ceremony, the reception, the dancing, and the photoshoot session.


What you wear under your wedding dress helps create a flattering form and structure even before you put it on. You are meant to look like you came out of a fairytale land when you gracefully walk down the aisle. Even though nothing is a hundred percent perfect in the real world, like in the movies, these underlying details help to snap and cinch everything in place, bringing out the full potential of the dress and your overall appearance.


Going for a bra fitting is a good idea, as most women struggle to choose the correct size. There is a science behind bra measurements and fittings. The wrong bra size can ruin your look. Aside from bras, some bridal and lingerie boutiques can also help you with the correct shapewear. However, beware of the “one size fits all”; you may be unpleasantly surprised. 

What to Wear Under My Wedding Dress



The undergarments you choose for your wedding gown have to respond to two essential criteria’s: 

  • The cut of your wedding dress: is the most important point that will steer you to choose your undergarments.
  • The comfort level: you’ll be wearing these elements for several hours, so make sure you don’t feel constricted. We want you to look curvy but still be able to breathe!

What color underwear to wear under wedding dress is important as wedding gowns are light in color. Choose an undergarment that is closest to your skin’s complexion. Most Lingerie boutiques only have nude-colored underwear for brides, so you should try to do some research on boutiques that have a larger range of hues.


If you are lucky, some wedding gowns have corsetry built inside the bodice, saving you the hassle of choosing a special bra. However, for the ladies that feel they need more support, you can buy a corset that will act as a bra and shapewear for you.

Another bra alternative is the longline bra, which is a strapless bra that stops at the waist; this will help you if the wedding gown is a strapless one with a low back. The longline bra also has boning like a corset, so rest assured that you’ll have the needed support.

In concerns about what color bra to wear under a wedding dress, always choose a hue closer to your complexion.



Avoid underwear with a print or texture, which will show through the gown’s fabric. Wear a seamless undergarment to avoid panty lines. If your wedding gown is too fitted, then look for a seamless thong to eliminate any chance of seeing a panty line. High-waisted undergarments also help if your wedding gown has a natural waist.



Undergarments According to Dress Style


Mermaid and Trumpet Wedding Dress

Corsets and long-line bras should be avoided for these styles as the boning and lines of shapewear can be noticeable through the fabric. A strapless bra is the best option, as you can have your seamstress add boning and cups for support.


A-line and Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Styles like A-Line and Ball Gown wedding dresses give more freedom in undergarment choices because they will be hidden. Corsets will give you more shape along the waist, while a longline bra will slim you more without being too constricted, plus you will get more support for your bust.


Sheath and Slip Wedding Dress

Since these dress styles are less form-fitting, high-waisted shapewear will help you have a flat stomach and appear curvier around your hips. If the dress is strapless, just add a strapless bra underneath.

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