Which Finger Does a Wedding Ring Go On?

The ancient tradition of wedding rings is one of the most common traditions celebrated worldwide when two people decide to share their lives. The wedding bands are usually worn on the fourth finger. But why do we wear them on this specific finger? And what hand does the wedding ring go on? We’ll explore the origins of the wedding ring in this article.

Where Did Wedding Rings Come From?

Egyptians were the first culture to use rings as a representation of eternity, as it has the shape of a circle, which they associated with Ouroboros, the snake eating its tail that represents eternity and never-ending cycles. They even believed that the space in the middle of the ring reflected an entrance to the unknown. 

But when did wedding rings start to be a part of the global wedding tradition? The first registers of wedding bands date back to the times of the Greeks and the Romans. When Alexander the Great invaded the Egyptians, and learned about their beliefs in the emotional value of rings and adopted giving rings to their lovers as a way of showing their devotion.

What Hand Does A Wedding Ring Go On?

Have you ever wondered what hand do you wear a wedding ring on? Or what finger does a wedding ring go on? There is a good explanation of how wedding rings are worn. So, why are wedding rings on the left hand’s fourth finger? This is directly associated with the “vena amoris” belief that the Egyptians had, which means that they believed that there was a “vein of love” that connected this finger directly with the heart. Despite modern science and anatomy proving that no such vein exists, this tradition has still held strong and is continued to this day. 

Wedding Ring For Men And Women

We’ve answered what hand does a wedding ring go on for a woman, but is there a difference between which finger to wear a wedding ring for men or women? In most cultures, the ring finger is the same for both men and women, meaning that almost everyone wears their wedding ring on the left hand’s fourth finger. But while it is not the common way to do it, wearing it on the opposite hand occurs in some cultures.

Those who wear their wedding ring on the right hand’s fourth finger might have many reasons to do so, from simple preference to being left-handed.



The Difference Between Engagement Ring And The Wedding Ring

Are wedding rings and engagement rings the same? Not really; besides the obvious difference, which is that you receive the first one when you get engaged and the other one when you get married, there are clear differences between what we traditionally consider an adequate engagement ring and a wedding ring, so let’s look into these differences.

The ideal engagement ring is mainly recognizable because it usually features a beautiful central stone. In contrast, the traditional wedding rings for women could be a plain metal band, or if it features stones, there is a chance that they are small ones encrusted around the band.

Wedding Ring Vs Engagement Ring

Where does the wedding ring go if you already have an engagement ring? The truth is that you don’t have to choose between wearing one or the other; many married women choose to wear both. But, how to wear a wedding and engagement ring simultaneously? For practical purposes, many people use them both on the wedding ring hand; first, the wedding ring, closer to the love vein and then the engagement ring.


Wrapping Up

So, which hand does the wedding ring go on? Now you know the traditional way to do so, but remember not to take it too seriously since there is nothing wrong with wearing it on a finger that isn’t considered the wedding ring finger. Now that we’ve answered what hand do you wear your wedding ring on, it’s important to understand that it’s just a general guide. Just like how you and your partner celebrate your love is only up to you and should only make the two of you happy, the same goes for which hand your wedding ring goes on. 

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